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The #1 Secret Every Realtor Needs To Know Before Working With A Real Estate Flipper

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If you’re a Realtor who is serious about wanting to sell more houses, then here is a secret you need to know if you want to avoid having to pay a bunch of money to zillow.

?️#1 Flipping Houses Secret : Work With A Trusted Real Estate Investor

Realtors hear me closely on this secret: you want to interview investors you are dealing with and build a long lasting relationship as your client. .

Everyone needs to know this because there are a ton of new investors jumping in the market that have no idea what they are doing. You won’t want to waste your times with non-experienced, flaking investors. .

You can’t neglect this because you are the expert realtor in the area and you want to work with investors that have the capital to move quickly, knowledge and expertise so that you don’t have to do much hand holding.

The more money you can make an investor, the more money you will make with the continuous business they will bring and increase your bottom line. **Hint More Commissions**

In case you’re wondering, the next step here is you should make sure to interview your potential real estate investor partner.

Here are some questions to ask…
1. What’s Your Experience?
2. What’s Your End Goal?
3. How Are You Financing Your Investments?
4. What Strategy, or Strategies, Do You Use?
5. What Kind of Investment Properties are you Looking For?
6. How Much Do You Want to Spend?
7. What Neighborhoods are You Buying In?
8. Who Is on Your Team?
9. How many offers do you plan to submit?
10. What do you need from me? .

Oh, one more thing, if you really want to sell more houses, Interview us!

Connect with us and we will spell it all out for you! Give you the answers to all of the following questions and share with you how we bring value to our Active Agent Partners.

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